The first step onto a pristine white field. The snow crunches softly under your feet. And then you're off running.

There's nothing better for children. Big snow lovers may prefer a leisurely stroll around, but that no longer means they have any less vitality. The freshly fallen snow can be enjoyed all the more with or without snow shoes that dampen every sound.


Follow the call of the silence-best by cross-country. This goes around the Weissensee or up the mountains on upwards of 200 km of hiking trails. The well-deserved summit snack in the Naggler Almhütte is transported from the lake or from organic farmers directly to your plate. The domestic specialties of the Almkuchl cuisine will make your tired eyes shine and give you strength for a rapid descent on a sled. What do you mean, tired? For a fantastic view in the summer, go on up to the Kohlröslhütte and over the Bodenalm (Almkäserei) past the cows and mountains until you reach the eastern shore. From there you'll conveniently continue your journey by boat, only to be dropped off right in front of your door. Less ambitious hikers can enjoy the idyllic path along the eastern bank-especially at its numerous boat landing stations. While you take a deep breath of the pine-scented air, the view stretches out across a turquoise oasis where body and soul find peace and quiet. The themed hiking paths are also quite manageable. There you and your children will be accompanied by Bees, Fish & Co. with interesting information along the way.

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